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Voicemail & Mailboxes

With our Hosted VoIP system you have full control, granting you the ability to create mailboxes for individual users or teams, record your own custom-made voicemail message greeting, and capture messages from calls you may have missed. This robust business voicemail setup also lets you manage any overflow calls for circumstances such as busier times of the year, understaffing, or any after-hours phone enquiries that you may receive.

Key Features:

    • Create voicemail mailboxes for individual users or teams
    • Set individual mailbox permissions and notifications for different users
    • Voicemail notifications sent instantly by email as attachments or retrieve messages from user Dashboard

Providing your callers with a pleasant experience has never been easier with the numerous time-saving voicemail features such as rapid email notification with audio, and voicemail-to-text transcription. Our hosted VoIP service will help you save time and money, allowing you to rest at ease knowing that you will never miss an important lead or telephone call again.