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VoIPon Talk – Hosted PBX – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is VoIPon Talk?

What is VoIPon Talk?

VoIPon Talk is a cloud hosted VoIP telephone system. It allows you to run your phone system through the cloud, without any on site system to look after or hardware to maintain.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a term used to describe voice communication which takes place over a network, such as the Internet.

What is a Cloud IP PBX?

A cloud IP PBX is a system that offers the functionality of a PBX (phone system) that is hosted by a VoIP provider over the internet, like VoIPon Talk. Instead of phones that plug into a physical phone system in your office, the phones connect to the internet and register securely to your cloud phone system to make and receive calls.

Why VoIPon Talk?

Is VoIPon Talk right for me?

VoIPon Talk was built to apply to all types of customer. Check the features, give it a go and see for yourself.

How many lines can I have?

As many as you need. There is no limit on how many lines or users you can have.

What happens if I lose my Internet connection?

Then your calls stop working too, however, you can set up rules that will send a call down another route if a call does not connect. For example, if a sales person goes on the road, then incoming calls can be routed to their mobile number.

How much does it cost?

What’s the monthly cost?

See our Plans for pricing.

What are the call charges?

It depends on your package. For all PAYG users or calls to destinations outside of your call package, see our Call Rates here. Call credit is purchased (and added to your balance), and is used to pay for any outbound calls not included in your call package.

How long is the contract?

There are no lengthy contracts. Each plan has a monthly price, and that’s it. Cancel any time and there will be no further charges.

Getting started

How do I get set up?

Go to the Plans section and choose a number of users, then any numbers (your first standard number is free); and pick any call credit. Once your order is processed you can log in to your VoIP Dashboard and begin.

Making my first call

Simply find the SIP credentials within your account after your order is processed. Register your SIP phone with these credentials (username, password, server address), and then make your first call! It’s that easy.

What is my VoIP Dashboard?

The VoIP Dashboard is where you configure your users and VoIP system features, such as call routes, IVR, call recording, etc.

General VoIP Questions

What is SIP?

SIP is Session Initiation Protocol. This is the de-facto VoIP protocol used around the world today for initiating, maintaining, and terminating voice/video communication. It is secure and widely supported. This is the protocol used when VoIPon Talk sends and receives VoIP calls to your phone.

Is the quality of a VoIP call as good as a traditional phone?

Yes, advanced compression of voice data means calls can be transmitted over the internet without much of a dependence on bandwidth, without reducing call quality.

How do I make or receive a VoIP call?

You will need to enter your SIP Username, SIP password and SIP server into the account configuration of your device. These credentials are available once your order is processed.

How well does VoIP work over a mobile network and will the call quality be good?

As long as you have a data connection, then the call will connect. Do remember that VoIP is using the internet, so is subject to having a connection to the internet to work.