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Audio Music on Hold

Make sure your business takes advantage of our hosted VoIP on hold music features by creating customer on hold music playlists!

With our Cloud PBX, you can create a playlist to complements your company’s ethos. Need to make the most out of this feature? Our hosted system can help you use your on hold music to improve customer mood and experience. In a few clicks, you can create calm playlists for support calls, or energetic music for your sales lines.

Key Features:

  • Easily upload your own sound files through your online Dashboard
  • Apply different audio to specific call routes or users. Tailor your on-hold music to the need of incoming callers
  • Create unique defined playlists which can be updated at any time and reflect your brand identity

With audio options you’re not just limited to music. You are also able to use this feature to promote offers to a caller, or provide the caller with valuable information. Simply record your very own custom audio and open more doors for your business.