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Call Routes & Forwarding

Want to forward calls to single, multiple, or a combination of internal and external phone numbers? With our fully-featured VoIP phone system, you can provide your callers, customers, and clients with a professional experience whenever they call you. With our easy and instant set-up call forwarding and routing, you have peace of mind that your inbound calls will always arrive at your desired destination. You also have the power to send calls to groups, voicemail mailboxes, interactive menus and more thanks to our easy-to-manage call routing interface.

Key Features:

  • No need to miss a call ever again. Take your business line with you wherever there is internet access
  • Easily forward calls to single, multiple extensions, or combinations of internal and external numbers
  • Forward-to logic allows multiple forwards depending on the outcome of previous forward, eg. if no answer proceed to next extension
  • Dynamic call routing modules offer supreme call handling and flexibility for all types of businesses

With this feature you can configure conditional call forwarding to send calls to different departments or extensions, as well as to any location or device. Have an important call that you are waiting for, but also need to pop out of the office on an errand? No problem! Your business phone numbers will follow you wherever you go, providing the essential flexibility needed.