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Call Monitoring & Training

Did you know that with our hosted VoIP phone system’s Call Monitor feature, you can Listen, Whisper, and Join calls, helping you to improve your employee training.
Call monitoring offers you the functionality to provide the additional support needed for your employees training, ultimately improving the professionalism of the business as a whole. With this feature, you have the ability to listen in on current phone calls to offer advice to staff, or even jump in on existing calls to aid a customer dispute. Such support can also boost confidence in employees, overall improving the quality of their work.

Key Feature:

  • Listen, Whisper or Join phone conversations via shortcode speed dials
  • Use this feature to help train new staff when in conversation on incoming calls
  • Set user management permissions for access to all or some of the Listen, Whisper and Join features

With the custom user permissions accessible via your Cloud PBX dashboard, these call monitoring features can be added, removed, and modified as required.